Ethernet Transmitter KTE-1 is a device enabling communication with devices operating in the standard RS-485(KTE-1 /XX/ R) or CAN (KTE-1 /XX/ C) using Ethernet links.

Ethernet transmission via the following transmission media:

  • single-mode optical fiber 100 Mbps - range up to 10 km (KTE-1/SM)
  • cable (copper twisted pair) 100/10 Mbps - range 100 m (KTE-1/CU)

The KTE-1 Ethernet Transmitter Converter is used to transfer data using a serial transmission link available in a given version (RS-485 or CAN). Data is transferred from / to another device connected to the Ethernet network, e.g. a computer located in the safe zone. It is possible to create a point-to-point communication between two KTE-1 Ethernet Transmission Transmitters.