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Intrinsically safe thermal ethernet camera IKT-1 is device prepared to observation thermal view in areas with a methane and/or coal dust explosion hazard.

Imaging is carried out using a recording sensor in the field of LWIR (long wave infra-red). The camera allows the observation of rooms in mining plants, in particular places where there is no lighting. The implemented algorithms allow to obtain an image of the observed scene optimized for conducting observation/monitoring of the area or normalized for a defined temperature range.

The camera can be used in dispersed control and monitoring systems of machines operation in underground excavations of mining plants in rooms with category "a", "b" and "c" levels of danger of methane explosion and in rooms belonging to "A" and "B" class of coal dust explosion hazard.

The image from the camera is sent via the Ethernet link to the recorder or dispatcher's system - where it is further analyzed.