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ZiROT-AKU is an intrinsically safe power supply with battery backup designed for supplying
intrinsically safe circuits of control, diagnostics and signaling systems in underground mining
Input voltage 30 – 250 VAC, output voltage 12 V or 15 V, output current 1.5 A and battery life up to 6
hours allow a wide range of use of the power supply.
A characteristic feature of the ZiROT power supply is stability and no output voltage ripple.
The power supply can be used in distributed control and monitoring systems for machines in
underground mine headings in rooms with the “a”, “b” and “c” category of methane explosion hazard
and in rooms belonging to the “A” and “B” hazard classes coal dust explosion. as a function of load changes Uwy

Power 30 ÷ 250 V AC, ≤ 3,15 A
Output voltage tolerance
as a function of voltage
Uwy ± 2%
Output voltage ripple ≤ 100 mV
Operating temperature range 5°C ÷ 40°C
Relative humidity range 0 ÷ 95% (bez kondensacji)
Output voltage 12 V, 15V
Degree of housing protection IP-65
Dimensions 464 x 400 x 103 mm
Weight 25 kg
Explosion-proof construction feature I M2 (M1) Ex eb ia mb [ib] ib [ia ] I Ma (Mb) I M1 Ex ia I Ma
Battery life 6 h



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