Roottel_dev/ January 7, 2019/ Power Supply, Products

ZiROT is an interinsically safe power supply designed for supplying intrinsically safe circuits of control systems, diagnostics and signaling in underground mining excavations. Input voltage 36 – 250V (in preparation for 500 VAC), output voltage 12V or 15V and 1.5 A output current allow for a wide area of application of the power supply. A characteristic feature of ZiROT is stability and no ripple of the output voltage.

The power supply enables monitoring and visualization of its operating parameters via the RS485 communication interface. With this bus it is also possible to turn off the power supplu remotely.

Optionally, the power supply can be equipped with and LCD display, which displays the current values of voltages, currents or information on the state of the device, eg of the temperature exceeded inside.

The power supply can be used in dispersed control and monitoring systems of machines operation in underground excavations of mining plants in rooms with category “b” and “c” levels of danger of methane explosion and in rooms belonging to “A” and “B” class of coal dust explosion hazard.