Roottel Sp. z o.o.  was established in February 2012, by separating the development department from the Center of Telecommunications and Telemetry Service of Sevitel Sp. z o.o., in which we proved ourselves as a team of talented, hardworking people who have a large share in the dynamic development of the company.

The company deals in the design and manufacture of electronic devices intended primarily for zones with a special explosion hazard of gases and dust in mines.

We provide services in the field of information technology, electronic and teletechnical. We rely on the reliability and competitiveness of our products.

Our goal is to implement ideas that help our clients in improving the safety of people and reliability of machines operating in particularly dangerous mine conditions. The most valuable capital of our company are people dedicated to the work they do, determined to meet the requirements that they face, open to new challenges.

Individualism – each task is a new challenge for us, we approach each project individually.

Commitment – we conscientiously carry out the tasks entrusted to us, we are strongly committed to the implementation of each project.

Responsibility – we are responsible and disciplined, we keep our promises and we stick to deadlines.

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