Roottel_dev/ January 14, 2020/ Data Transmission, Products

Modem Signal Concentrator MKS-1 is designed for galvanic separation between the ground network and the underground RS485 / CAN network.
It can also be used to separate bistable I / O signals and measure the level of analog input signals.

The device enables the presentation of results on the built-in OLED display. Transmission in the terrestrial system is realized via a modem link, RS485 or CAN bus.

MKS-1 is manufactured in a very durable metal housing with a high degree of protection IP-54, which is resistant to environmental conditions and electrostatic discharge.
The concentrator has an internal battery. It includes a built-in numeric keypad and a closed connector section.

ATEX certyficate marking I M1 Ex ia I Ma
External transmission to terrestrial system Telemetry line V23 / RS485 / CAN
Galvanic separation between ground and underground systems Yes, for RS485, CAN and for all bistable signals
Number of bistable inputs and outputs 4 analog / up to 8 digital RS485
Number of digital inputs and outputs 16 bistabin I / O or analog I.
Power 27-56V / 40mA modem line or
12V DC / max 300mA
Operating temperature and relative humidity range from 0 ° C to 40 ° C, from 0 to 95%
Dimensions 300mm x 300mm x 120mm
Weight max. 8 kg
Degree of housing protection IP-54