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Digital Measuring Instrument is a stand alone device designed for measurements of atmoshere parameters or concentration of selected gases and is suitable for connection with higher level elements of measuring system. The instrument can be mounted directly to cooperating device by the socket as well as using the housing handle and connection with a specific cable up to several dozens meters from other systems elements. The device is made using very durable housing with small dimensions and high degree of ingress protection IP-67. CGP-1 instrument is suitable for using in an environment with an explosive atmosphere – including mines underground and other industrial facilities. The measurements are conducting using several types of sensors including semiconductor elements, pellistors, infrared detectors or electrochemical elements. The device is manufactured with diffrent versions for specific measured parameter. Transmission to higher level device is conducted by a external connector which includes RS485 bus lines and analog output with 0.4V to 2.0V voltage level. The instuement contains internal microprocessor circuit which allows to calibrate internal measuring process and controlls the sensors as well as collecting and transmitting the data to other devices.

ATEX certyficate marking (pellistor version) I M1 Ex ia I Ma II 2G Ex ia II (CH4) Gb
ATEX certyficate marking (others) I M1 Ex ia I Ma II 2G Ex ia IIC T4 Gb
Measurement ranges T = -40°C ÷ 125°C RH = 0 ÷ 100%
p = 300hPa ÷ 1100hPa CH4 = 0 ÷ 100%
CO2 = 0 ÷ 2,5% O2 = 0 ÷ 25%
CO = 0 ÷ 2000ppm H2S = 0 ÷ 50ppm
NO2 = 0 ÷200ppm SO2 = 0 ÷50ppm
NH3= 0 ÷ 1000ppm
External transmission/td>

RS485 or analog output 0.4 ÷ 2V
Working temperature range from -20°C to 40°C / 50°C
Dimensions 85mm x 60mm x 66mm
Weight ca. 250g
Ingress Protection code IP-67