Roottel_dev/ January 8, 2021/ Data Transmission, Products

Modem Signals Concentrator MKS-2 is designed for collecting, displaying and transmiting data from
underground measuring devices including gases concentation sensors and atmosphere parameters meters. MKS-2 is compatible with digital meters produced by ROOTTEL as well as other devices with analog 0.4V … 2V voltage output.
The device allows to present results on build in OLED display. It is capable of realising control logic functions using bistable inputs and outputs. Transmission with overground system is realized by modem line, RS485 bus or optical fiber Ethernet. The device along with connected end devices can be controlled remotely from the system.
MKS-2 power is supplied by modem line or by local dedicated 12V power supply.
MKS-2 is produced in high durable plastic housing with high degree of ingress protection IP-65 which is resistant to environment conditions and electrostatic charges. The concetrator can be equiped with power backup accumulator. It contains build in numerical keyboard and closed connectors section which allows connecting end devices using star or bus topology


ATEX certyficate marking I M1 Ex ia I Ma
External transmission to overground system V23 Modem line / RS485 / Optical fiber Ethernet
External transmission to end devices RS485 or analog inputs (0.4V÷2V)
Maximal number of connected end devices 4 analog devices / up to 16 digital RS485 devices
Number of bistable inputs and outputs 4 inputs + 4 ouputs
Power supply 60V/50mA modem line or
12V DC / 100mA (200mA for Ethernet version)
Working temperature range from -20°C to 40°C
Dimensions 260mm x 310mm x 90mm
Weight ca. 3kg
Ingress Protection code IP-65